Monday, January 24, 2011


so i have been gone for a while. Lots of things have been going on! I have been so busy I haven't had time to even think! My project was put on hold, due to a friends Birthday, training 6 days a week on my own, & work, also some financial stuff.
But here I am now, however many days later updating you all on the good and the crazy! and i have some pretty amazing stuff to talk about too..

First off, last Sunday I was supposed to start my "A World Of Cake" project, but a birthday came up instead and I had to get that all together because it was important.When you turn a quarter of a century old its most def a time to celebrate. So our friend Tom turned 25 and it was time to celebrate! Vanilla cupcakes were baked, and we got Vanilla frosting and Chocolate Frosting and decided to try out those insane frosting spray cans. NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER EVER USE THOSE EVER....unless its the only thing you have or its for MINOR details. I would be lying if i said it tasted delicious because it doesn't. It taste like its toxic from being shoved in a can with compressed air! its not tasty at all and in fact doesn't even work well due to the pressure of the air not being consistant! ITS AWFUL!!!   To fix that i busted out my decorating sets and piped on the chocolate and vanilla butter cream and added some sprinkles for fun! I covered the blue with sprinkles because i was too embarrassed since that was the one from a spray can, of its horrible unappealing appearance.
Of course things never go as planned. 24 cupcakes some how turned into i think 12. The "mice" had been into them so we had to run out and buy a freakin cake last minute. The nearest option was Safeway. Their cakes aren't too tasty so we decided to grab one of their ice cream cakes. GREAT choice. I piped on Toms names and called it a night. LOVED it! So the food and desserts called for a great evening and the night went well.

Second, I was invited to go to an amazing get together last night in Pasadena, CA from thee Krystina Castella herself. She saw i went to FIDM and invited me to "A World of Cake" book signing & presentation, and we were ready to go and planned to go but over slept and just freakin knew we could not make the 5 hour drive in 3 hours. So we ended up staying home instead. I am not going to lie I was kinda heart broken but honestly I was going to risk our lives for one of my fav people. Also i found out that Krystina was an author to the book in my previous post about the Pink Champagne Cake Frosting and so i emailed her asking what i might have done wrong. WELL turns out there was a typo and there is way too much liquid and she will be emailing me with the right recipe later on. Go figure. The one cake i choose to make there is a typo. Go me!

So Valentines day is coming up and everyone is expecting me to pop up with ideas for cake pops for the holiday. Well I have a lot going on. I have a friends big grand opening where I am donating cake pops for the event to raise money for autism on the 30th, and I have 2 birthdays to plan for that are in that month and one is on Valentines day... so right now my ideas are a bit dry. WELL not really i have a huge idea but I need the money first but who knows. So things have been nuts and crazy and I'm alive and have been busy. So ill try to update more often! Especially now that everyone is back in school and i have time on my own again. So ill keep you posted on my projects more often!

 Oh did i forget to mention i got the new Wilton Cake Pops Sweets on a Stick book???? I cant wait to use some of their ideas, but bakerella will always be my cake pop girly!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

And The Winner Is...

"Rachel said...
I LOVE oatmeal cookies. I use a great recipe in my go-to cookbook The Joy of Cooking. I don't know what I would do without it. "

Congrats RACHEL! I'll be emailing you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who participated...all eight of ya!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running to Save Lives! Im asking for YOUR help!

Hey Everyone. This spring season I am training with Team In Training to raise money to help save the lives of those with blood cancers. I have had my share of losing someone in my life who i cared for with Leukemia. He past a week exactly after raising money for the Relay for Life 2005. As of 1/12/2011 A Dear Friend of mine just found out he has Hodgkin's lymphoma & I just found out my uncle has chronic lymphositic leukemia.

Now that I know I can raise money for those others out there with these cancers while doing what I love to do I am coming to you all to help me out. If there is any way you can donate something to my fundraiser page, Or help me put on a fundraising event please let me know! Call me, text me, email me, write back or just donate. I ask that if you can not help out, please share this with your friends & family. This isn't about me really. Its about those people who are fighting for more time live longer, to survive and over come or be part of the research that can change every ones lives.
If you liked to make a donation please click here.
Thank you so much for your time
Eli Mattioda
At The Nike Womens 5K Event In Sacramento June 2010

My Tattoo on my leg that I look at everyday that reminds me to never give up what I'm doing. And what I'm doing is saving so many lives! Thanks Joe Swanson from Black Dagger Tattoo Lounge in Vacaville,Ca.

San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon October 2010. Thanks to Knuckle Up Training Center (Vallejo,CA) for getting me there!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know a few people out there have been warned, and hinted that I'm doing a giveaway. In fact its my first giveaway. And what am i giving away you might ask. Well it's your very own copy of A World Of Cake by Krystina Castella. That's right one of you, my own readers may win this book and here is how:

Leave a comment telling me your favorite home town treat, Or family treat. Where it came from and who you learned it from. Make sure you leave your email address when you post so i can contact you when i get the winner from (that's so you all know i wont be picking any favorites and it is a random win!). Also no hard feelings for anyone over seas, or in other country's, it's just due to shipping reasons I can only accept entry's from anyone in the US. If anyone is bummed about this I am truly sorry but I hope you understand.

ALSO: i am going to do my project! So this week, using I will be picking out one of the 150 recipes from A World of Cake, and the project will finally begin. In fact I am contemplating doing the whole book, but for now I'm sticking to just this year, one recipe per week!

GOOD LUCK! and let the giveaway begin!
(giveaway ends 1/14/2011 @ 11:59pm. Winner will be announced 1/15/2011. If you dont leave an email, you can always message me on facebook Eli Nicole Mattioda who your name is on your comment on this post! Thanks & have a sweet day!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Christmas Leftover Cake...

It sounds so unappealing and really just disgusting doesn't it. The Christmas leftover cake is exactly what it comes off as, but with a sweeter appeal and kinda dessert of its own. I could of made random cake pops but after my long week of baking and making of those in December i decided to try another layered cake and use up all my leftovers.

Now a left over cake doesn't have anything to do with pre made cake or leftover cake or food really just the left over cake pop frosting's that were stored in the fridge, the one last boxed cake mix and the left over sprinkles, chocolate curls and carmel stored in random containers taking up much needed space.

The idea of doing this kinda came to me when i started thinking of tweaking this random vanilla box cake mix with other stuff. I'm very much over plain flavored cakes and want to be more creative, so i realized I had a bunch of great quality items left around from all the holiday baking i did.

So i pre heated the oven to 350 and started grabbing everything. I made the cake as the directions on the box stated but in the mixer while everything was mixing i added one cup of carmel sauce, and 2 packets of Starbucks VIA instant coffee (the Columbia medium blend). I then added the last bits of crystallized carmel into it and mixed for an extra minute. I poured the batter into two 9" round pans and baked for 30 minutes.

I took the container of 3/4 mixed chocolate frosting's and put that in the mixer and mixed it to make it more creamy and added a cup of Carmel sauce to that also. Mixed for like 5 minutes and set aside.

Once the cakes were done and cooled (please let them cool...i had no patience and kinda forgot to let them cool) flip the bottom layer onto a cake plate, spread on the Carmel chocolate filling which you made previously and then add the top layer. (what happens when you don't wait for it to cool is that now creamy Carmel filling slowly gets melted down the sides...if that does happen you can put the cake in the fridge and curse at yourself over and over again for not having patience like i did!)

I then took my leftover 2 and a half containers of vanilla frosting and covered the sides and top with that. I then took the left over sprinkles and chocolate curls and covered the top.

At first i was upset because this was my first real attempt at a layered cake on my own. I was kinda just forgetting about being patient and watched as my top layer broke in half and was so hot that the filling started to melt so i threw the cake into the fridge and 20 minutes later i frosted the entire thing and put it back in the fridge to harden some more.

As iffy as i was this Vanilla Carmel Via Cake, With Vanilla Buttercream and a Chocolate Carmel filling turned out delicious and kinda had a fun feel to it with all its insanity. I at first wanted to throw it away and never mention it on here but in all reality I'm really just an at home baker figuring everything out on my own and the story was too funny and random not to share. I kinda wish i took a before and after photo because before i was so embarrassed that Kyle had to remind me that not everyone has good days in the kitchen and its just a learning point for me. So i learned how to cover the mistakes with buttercream and just laughed about it as everyone ate the thing!

This is my Christmas Leftover you can see it's pink vanilla buttercream, with a lovely hint of melted chocolate filling around the edges of the plate that i actually frosted parts of the cake with!

A World of Cake by Krystina Castella

Check out Krystina Castella with a LA look on A World of Cake.

And while you are here watching this just keep your eyes posted for the first giveaway of the year! Yes one of my lucky readers will win their own copy of A World of Cake! How sweet is that! So look out for the next post to get that lucky chance!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A World of Cake

"A World of Cake: From honey cakes to flat cakes, fritters to chiffon's, meringues to moon cakes, tartes to tortes, fruit cakes to spice cakes, 150 recipes ... traditions from cultures around the world."-Krystina Castella

I recently won a copy of this book from Cupcake Project and I am so shocked at how well laid out and detailed it is. Not only does it provide the 150 recipes but it also is an amazing history lesson on everything about that specific dessert. As I was looking through different countries I was amazed about all the details and things I'm learning and really kinda want to challenge myself and make something out of each chapter from different regions. Like once a week make something from a different area and give everyone a little background about it and do some research and kinda have some fun with it all. And if you are thinking "oh wow a Julie & Julia blog right?" ...Yep pretty much. But instead of one everyday of the week just once a week like on a Sunday make one so I have time to maintain my life, and get everything i need, and make sure everyone eats the last thing i made.

So as I think about this whole challenge I'm going to figure out what the hell I'm making and from what region first and all that jazz. Please put in any input if you'd like to. I'm a little worried about putting too much on my plate but I want to expand my baking horizons!