Monday, January 3, 2011

Cupcake Diet!

Seriously. No joke. I don't know why i decided to google search that random idea in my head but a link came up and sure enough there is some doctor who came up with the cookie diet who now has the cupcake diet. Smart For Life offers 2 flavors of diet cupcakes that are said to make you thinner in no time...REALLY?? Apparently I eat a Carrot Sunshine Cupcake or Chocolate Mountain Cupcake and ill be thinner and healthier in no time. ...seriously??? I am actually terrified because the ingredients contain things that i cant even say right...Lecithin...what the hell is that??? Cellulose...what??? Hydrolyzed Collagen....wait isn't that what they use for botox?? I'm confused... Where is the real stuff? why is there triple filtered water... i don't understand! Has the world really come down to this? Whats wrong with just eating cupcake??? i don't get it! I get the fact that its 90 calories and all but did you know a hostess cupcake is 110! and its more delicious! I'd rather eat a rice cake than a fake healthy cupcake. If anyone out there is reading this and you are on this fad diet, can you let me know how yummy they really taste please!


  1. Ah that is tooo scary. I went into Starbucks today and saw the cupcakes. I wanted one for breakfast but I didn't :( it was a sad moment, they looked so good!

  2. They look good but did you notice that starbucks now post the calories for their products on the tags and menus! So scary, but i heard the Vanilla Bean cupcake is to die for! And they are cheaper than the local cupcakeries in town