Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

I am realizing that with only a week left till Christmas I have become a baking machine, and still need to update this everyday. So while the timer is counting down to a Devils food Creme de Menthe cake I am updating you all to some of my favorite jewels out there.

Juicy Couture & Tiffany & Co. offer beautiful charms for the cupcake fan. The adorable charms run from $48 - $1,500 without the bracelet to add them to.

Pictured is Juicy Coutures charm for $48

For earrings I am a fan of the fun logo and big kid design of Johnny Cupcakes dangle earrings in silver. They are adorable. He also offers the crossbone logo in dangles or in studs. The stud earring set is a half dozen in different colors. The prices for all earrings by Johnny Cupcakes are $15.99.

Now of course if you are more into the homemade or custom designs for cupcake accesories you can always hit up Etsy and check out their amazing products. My favorites are:
 prettywhimsical - Keep Calm & Make Cupcakes Pendant
SparklesNGlitter - Cupcake Necklace
treasuredcharms - Silver Plated Vanilla Cupcake Necklace with SWAROVSKI Sprinkles
alliteration - adorable Love cupcake earrings
Stephaflea - Cupcake Guitar Pick Earrings
PetitMarjorie -Cute Cupcake Ring

Etsy is the one place you can find anything and everthing in all different price ranges. So hopefully those links help you find some cute little jewels to wear during the holidays.

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