Monday, December 27, 2010

Now what do I do?

After baking these past two weeks non stop almost everyday I pretty much don't know what to do with myself. The Boyfriend got Xbox Live and pretty much is a zombie 8 hours out of the day and so i don't exist. I don't even think he knows I'm sitting here writing in my blog. What to do what to do. I'm banning him from the game system on the New Years day though. So with him being busy, I wish i had orders to be placed for family and friends but honestly I really don't. I'm actually just reading up on current trends that I mentioned trying out a few weeks ago which are now a hit. Pop Rocks on cupcakes and candy seems to be in, & with that said I want in on what also an idea of mine the middle of the month. So as I sit here and plot on ways to use such a fun candy, I decided to share some of the Christmas I got that are baking / cupcake themed!

Candy Cane Cupcake Kit from my coworker Jen K. So excited to use this soon. I don't know if I'll be using it as cake pops or cupcakes but i love the little spatula it comes with (sorry its on top and not in the photo).
Target was selling these for the holidays if you are looking for them they were in 3 flavors.

Cupcake Candles: the middle one was from my coworker Jen K. and I'm unaware where she got it from and the ones on the left and right my aunt got those at Kohls. They all have different flavored smells. There was also a green one which my cousins girlfriend received.

This is an adorable Photo Ornament my coworker Connie got me & I am unaware where it came from but its so cute! I squealed!

Wilton 56 Piece Tip Set from Kyle which he knew to get me when he saw me decorating sugar cookies. I love it!

Juicy Couture Cupcake Necklace from Chris. I love it and its funny he got this before i even posted about the cupcake jewels out there in my blog.

Wilton Professional Cake Decorating Kit! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa. (Also it included another item i love. A giant container of Nutella. Yum!)

Holiday Cookie Pan from my aunts Christmas eve auction game!

Johnny Cupcakes Dangle earrings! I love them and squealed when i got these too!

Recipe Keeper from Renee & Dale. No more little notes and scratch paper of recipes and random print outs. Now i can store them all here and write them in the book.

Giant Cupcake Pan. I have been eye balling this thing for like 2 years and my aunt got it for me... now who am i going to bake a huge cupcake for soon???

This was in my stocking. Its a reusable bag. It looks like a cupcake and unzips into a bag with cupcakes on it. Thanks Renee & Dale

My other aunt made me a homemade cupcake fleece blankey. I LOVE IT, and you see it came in handy the night of Christmas and i mean it was freezing and someone decided to make fun of it...

The funny thing is though i woke up to find that person using it! Aww babe you are so cute!

See what happens when you make fun of my blankey and i catch you using it... Everyone gets to see you using it too!

xoxo Eli Nicole

p.s: best part is im sitting in the same room as him with the computer screen facing him and he is as usual sucked into Halo Reach that he didnt even see me post the photo. I love you Kyle.

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