Friday, January 7, 2011

The Christmas Leftover Cake...

It sounds so unappealing and really just disgusting doesn't it. The Christmas leftover cake is exactly what it comes off as, but with a sweeter appeal and kinda dessert of its own. I could of made random cake pops but after my long week of baking and making of those in December i decided to try another layered cake and use up all my leftovers.

Now a left over cake doesn't have anything to do with pre made cake or leftover cake or food really just the left over cake pop frosting's that were stored in the fridge, the one last boxed cake mix and the left over sprinkles, chocolate curls and carmel stored in random containers taking up much needed space.

The idea of doing this kinda came to me when i started thinking of tweaking this random vanilla box cake mix with other stuff. I'm very much over plain flavored cakes and want to be more creative, so i realized I had a bunch of great quality items left around from all the holiday baking i did.

So i pre heated the oven to 350 and started grabbing everything. I made the cake as the directions on the box stated but in the mixer while everything was mixing i added one cup of carmel sauce, and 2 packets of Starbucks VIA instant coffee (the Columbia medium blend). I then added the last bits of crystallized carmel into it and mixed for an extra minute. I poured the batter into two 9" round pans and baked for 30 minutes.

I took the container of 3/4 mixed chocolate frosting's and put that in the mixer and mixed it to make it more creamy and added a cup of Carmel sauce to that also. Mixed for like 5 minutes and set aside.

Once the cakes were done and cooled (please let them cool...i had no patience and kinda forgot to let them cool) flip the bottom layer onto a cake plate, spread on the Carmel chocolate filling which you made previously and then add the top layer. (what happens when you don't wait for it to cool is that now creamy Carmel filling slowly gets melted down the sides...if that does happen you can put the cake in the fridge and curse at yourself over and over again for not having patience like i did!)

I then took my leftover 2 and a half containers of vanilla frosting and covered the sides and top with that. I then took the left over sprinkles and chocolate curls and covered the top.

At first i was upset because this was my first real attempt at a layered cake on my own. I was kinda just forgetting about being patient and watched as my top layer broke in half and was so hot that the filling started to melt so i threw the cake into the fridge and 20 minutes later i frosted the entire thing and put it back in the fridge to harden some more.

As iffy as i was this Vanilla Carmel Via Cake, With Vanilla Buttercream and a Chocolate Carmel filling turned out delicious and kinda had a fun feel to it with all its insanity. I at first wanted to throw it away and never mention it on here but in all reality I'm really just an at home baker figuring everything out on my own and the story was too funny and random not to share. I kinda wish i took a before and after photo because before i was so embarrassed that Kyle had to remind me that not everyone has good days in the kitchen and its just a learning point for me. So i learned how to cover the mistakes with buttercream and just laughed about it as everyone ate the thing!

This is my Christmas Leftover you can see it's pink vanilla buttercream, with a lovely hint of melted chocolate filling around the edges of the plate that i actually frosted parts of the cake with!


  1. Looks delicious! I have that problem too... waiting until its actually cool to frost and fill and all. Especially with cupcakes.

    This is an awesome way to clear out the baking stock that we tend to absorb during the holidays.

  2. Thanks. Its actually 3/4 gone now and i doubt will last past tonight! I realized that when i lived with my grandparents I always had a stash of left over sprinkles and cake mix and frosting from my holiday baked goods and i finally figured out what to do with everything this holiday season!