Saturday, January 1, 2011


So its 2011 & I'm excited because my resolutions are kinda neat. Well besides the usual get my behind back in shape (and i have the support system to get that going and keep it going since i joined a 6 week challenge at Knuckle Up Training Center in Vallejo, Ca where my two amazing friends AJ & Denise will keep me in check and make sure I get my moneys worth!) I also plan to do 6 runs this year instead of 2 like last year. I did my first 5k and my first half marathon last year and i really want to build up again from a 5k to a half marathon again and possibly a marathon. So we shall see.

But the important thing for me was to get away from the store bought cake mixes and learn to bake from scratch. Even though baking from a store bought box is faster and cheaper i think its better to know whats really in whatever i make. So last night i decided to give it a shot. I made a Pink Champagne Cake last night from scratch using my Booze Cakes book.
Well lets just say I read the directions not once not twice but three times. I had some help ( even though i didn't ask or need it) and was kinda bummed i didn't get to do it all myself (while fighting off feeling ill and having a headache) the cake came out perfect! Just right. But honestly i did not taste it due to the fact that the idea of even eating champagne when having a headache makes me gag. The problem was the frosting. I did that as directed. I double, triple checked it. I kept it blending to thicken but it was runny as hell. So i added more confectioners sugar and it thickened after a while. So I decided I'll ice it all tomorrow in the morning and figure out a back up plan when i feel better.
Nothing ever goes as planned. I woke up came down stairs and someone decided to take the frosting and fill the layered cake (i forgot to mention this is my first layered cake EVER!) with the frosting in a thin layer. They also didn't cut the cakes to make them even so they were layered uneven and barely filled leaving me unhappy. I also couldn't find the large batch of left over frosting so i had to use regular vanilla frosting from a jar, which i didn't mind. But because it wasn't even and layered right it was crumbling. I was irritated because my project wasn't even mine anymore and it was falling apart. But Kyle came in and helped me fix it up and as i was cleaning up I found the champagne frosting in the fridge. Its not supposed to be in the fridge. I only know that if i were to frost the cake with the cold frosting that after a while it would slowly melt off because the house is so warm. So there goes all the frosting. down the drain.

With that said can someone tell me what went wrong? I did exactly like directed. I just don't know why it came out so "special".

The End Product! Champagne Cake with a Champagne filling and Vanilla Frosting. Renee tried it and said it was good.

This is the book I used for this project

My other Boozy Baker book. The other book i Love

My new cookie cutters and cake tester!

I honestly cant wait to get my own place and put my kitchen together!

Any who someone please help me with my frosting disaster!

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