Friday, December 24, 2010

On The 12th Day Of Christmas Cupcaketress Sent to Me...

How about some amazing cake pop displays! That's right! The love of my life's mother is a genius! As I spent like 4 days baking cakes rolling cake balls and decorating cake pops for hours all i knew was that i was putting them on these cone shaped Styrofoam holders but Renee came up with an idea to decorate it as a Christmas tree! so here we are ... having a good time!

Caught in the action! Renee & I

Half way decorated
Decorating our trees

Renee blurry cause she was moving!

On a mission to finish this for the party tonight

finished products

i love taking photos with a filter!

3 trees later i still had like 40 extra cake pops! didn't think i would have so many! Great center pieces for the holidays. Already delivered my Aunt Susan's & get to take one to my Aunt Darla's tomorrow and one for Renee's house tomorrow for their Christmas get together. The total cost i must have spent to make one of those is probably $6. Cant wait to plan something bigger for next years!


  1. So now I may need you not only to photograph this bridal shower, but bake and display some yummy cake pops!...we will talk :)

  2. Jaimee I'd love to bake and make some for the bridal shower. And make a sweet display. We shall talk indeed!