Saturday, December 11, 2010

Every Cake Pop Baker Needs One Of These!

So I was browsing Amazon and just killing time finding tools i need for my baking this season and ideas for Christmas when i found this lovely tool My Little Cupcake Pop Mold, and for $5.95 I had to have it for the holidays since the majority of my gifts will be cupcake pops/ cake pops thanks to the lovely Bakerella. Her book & website is so informational and just so inspiring that i got a lot of ideas from her, and from her fans who post daily on her fan page on face book (Bakerella's Facebook).

The creator of this lovely item is a super mom who learned about Cupcake Pops from TV and realized she needed something else, something like a Cupcake Pop Mold. And like that she came up with an amazing product that I love and many others do! She has recipe's for  NO BAKE options on her website and the basic cupcake pop baked option. Also when i made my purchase i was informed to expect delivery by Dec 13th - 26th but I opened my mail box today (the 11th) and there it was waiting for me! 2 days early!

The best thing right now about the My Little Cupcake Pop Mold is for every mold sold in December, $1 is donated to the Luke Vincent Powers Foundation.

So if you are into cake pops or cupcake pops like me, i suggest you invest your hard earned cash in this lovely item!


  1. Have you tried crushed oreos and softened cream cheese? mix it up, roll into balls, stick a pop stick in it, dip it in melted chocolate, stick in frige and call it a day.

  2. Darla, I have yet to try it! i was looking for some no bake ideas to make it a little easier with my holiday baking this year. i may give that a try!

  3. I have this book too! I haven't done much...yet. And the oreo balls are awesome!