Thursday, January 6, 2011

A World of Cake

"A World of Cake: From honey cakes to flat cakes, fritters to chiffon's, meringues to moon cakes, tartes to tortes, fruit cakes to spice cakes, 150 recipes ... traditions from cultures around the world."-Krystina Castella

I recently won a copy of this book from Cupcake Project and I am so shocked at how well laid out and detailed it is. Not only does it provide the 150 recipes but it also is an amazing history lesson on everything about that specific dessert. As I was looking through different countries I was amazed about all the details and things I'm learning and really kinda want to challenge myself and make something out of each chapter from different regions. Like once a week make something from a different area and give everyone a little background about it and do some research and kinda have some fun with it all. And if you are thinking "oh wow a Julie & Julia blog right?" ...Yep pretty much. But instead of one everyday of the week just once a week like on a Sunday make one so I have time to maintain my life, and get everything i need, and make sure everyone eats the last thing i made.

So as I think about this whole challenge I'm going to figure out what the hell I'm making and from what region first and all that jazz. Please put in any input if you'd like to. I'm a little worried about putting too much on my plate but I want to expand my baking horizons!


  1. I just saw this on Cupcake Projects Facebook wall. I linked to her and your blog on one I just started last night.

    Good luck, I'm looking forward to following you.

  2. Thanks Shannon!! I am checking out your blog now!