Monday, January 24, 2011


so i have been gone for a while. Lots of things have been going on! I have been so busy I haven't had time to even think! My project was put on hold, due to a friends Birthday, training 6 days a week on my own, & work, also some financial stuff.
But here I am now, however many days later updating you all on the good and the crazy! and i have some pretty amazing stuff to talk about too..

First off, last Sunday I was supposed to start my "A World Of Cake" project, but a birthday came up instead and I had to get that all together because it was important.When you turn a quarter of a century old its most def a time to celebrate. So our friend Tom turned 25 and it was time to celebrate! Vanilla cupcakes were baked, and we got Vanilla frosting and Chocolate Frosting and decided to try out those insane frosting spray cans. NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER EVER USE THOSE EVER....unless its the only thing you have or its for MINOR details. I would be lying if i said it tasted delicious because it doesn't. It taste like its toxic from being shoved in a can with compressed air! its not tasty at all and in fact doesn't even work well due to the pressure of the air not being consistant! ITS AWFUL!!!   To fix that i busted out my decorating sets and piped on the chocolate and vanilla butter cream and added some sprinkles for fun! I covered the blue with sprinkles because i was too embarrassed since that was the one from a spray can, of its horrible unappealing appearance.
Of course things never go as planned. 24 cupcakes some how turned into i think 12. The "mice" had been into them so we had to run out and buy a freakin cake last minute. The nearest option was Safeway. Their cakes aren't too tasty so we decided to grab one of their ice cream cakes. GREAT choice. I piped on Toms names and called it a night. LOVED it! So the food and desserts called for a great evening and the night went well.

Second, I was invited to go to an amazing get together last night in Pasadena, CA from thee Krystina Castella herself. She saw i went to FIDM and invited me to "A World of Cake" book signing & presentation, and we were ready to go and planned to go but over slept and just freakin knew we could not make the 5 hour drive in 3 hours. So we ended up staying home instead. I am not going to lie I was kinda heart broken but honestly I was going to risk our lives for one of my fav people. Also i found out that Krystina was an author to the book in my previous post about the Pink Champagne Cake Frosting and so i emailed her asking what i might have done wrong. WELL turns out there was a typo and there is way too much liquid and she will be emailing me with the right recipe later on. Go figure. The one cake i choose to make there is a typo. Go me!

So Valentines day is coming up and everyone is expecting me to pop up with ideas for cake pops for the holiday. Well I have a lot going on. I have a friends big grand opening where I am donating cake pops for the event to raise money for autism on the 30th, and I have 2 birthdays to plan for that are in that month and one is on Valentines day... so right now my ideas are a bit dry. WELL not really i have a huge idea but I need the money first but who knows. So things have been nuts and crazy and I'm alive and have been busy. So ill try to update more often! Especially now that everyone is back in school and i have time on my own again. So ill keep you posted on my projects more often!

 Oh did i forget to mention i got the new Wilton Cake Pops Sweets on a Stick book???? I cant wait to use some of their ideas, but bakerella will always be my cake pop girly!

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