Friday, December 17, 2010

Cake Pop Mania!

Today was such a day! 10:30am I started baking & at 7:30pm I had finally finished 3 flavors of cake pops!

Winter Wonderland Cake Pops
Devils food with Creme De Menthe & Choclate Fudge Frosting & Mint Dark Chocolate Candy Melts

Cherry Dream
Triple Choclate Cherry Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting & Choclate & Red Vanilla Candy Melts

Strawberry Cake with Vanilla Frosting. Vanilla & Pink Vanilla Candy Melts

9 hours of hard work. Standing. I had such an insane rythem though that it all worked out. i started to type it out to share with you all BUT it even confused myself. I did it though. And it worked every single bit! Tomorrow i have 2 more flavors then i make gift bags and table displays for the holidays later this week! OMG what a day! but i used my lovely My little Cupcake Mold and it was amazing!

My Little Cake Pop Mold is a big helper when making cupcake shaped cake pops! Now if only i had more and little helpers to bust these out faster!


  1. Awesome job girl!! I'm dying to try your works of art. Looks yummy!!

  2. thanks! cant wait for you to try them!

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