Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Booze & Cakes

So here I am thinking of ways to up the flavors of my cake pop ideas and cupcakes when i remembered a book i added to my wish list on amazon a few months back The Boozy Baker, and so i decided to use my Christmas cash to get that and Booze Cakes .

The whole idea came from me craving a pink champagne cupcake from Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar in Napa, but driving the 15 - 20 minutes for a $3 cupcake is kinda out of the way. (plus all the gas to there and back, and by myself doesn't make the trip fun), so i decided to look up some books again and remembered about The Boozy Baker and how i saw they had some stuff for Jager.

Now why would Jagermeister get anyone to bake at all is what you are most likely thinking... Well because Jager is my favorite drink! I love jager just as much as i love cupcakes and yummy delish treats! In fact I love it so much i just happen to be with someone who's last name is pronounced Jager (just spelled differently). So of course I always have jager on hand somewhere nearby and since my anniversary is coming up i decided that's what i have to make for my Kyle.

Kyle and I met on New Years Eve. I came to a party knowing only a handful of people and brought my fav drink Jager. Well this nice sweet guy came over and told me I had to meet his brother and that I'm his brothers type and so on and so on... well this 6'4" tall guy walks in and lets just say shots of Jager and Beer Pong have brought us together, and well i had to take care of him a little the rest of the night ( Kyle swears I'm a freak of nature and so is my cousin Mike cause we can drink). Well a year later i kinda want to have fun and make him a Jagermeister & Honey Bundt Cake for our anniversary and as well as something with chocolate just in case its too much for him and myself.

But I'm kinda motivated for more... i just don't know what to bake... So I'm asking for help:
All I ask is you post ONE comment of your favorite Alcohol by December 31st and then we will go for another post that night to see what I can make with the winning alcohol and have you all vote for what dessert you want me to bake with it. (and maybe just maybe ill name it after one of my lucky readers!)

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