Friday, December 10, 2010

Are You Cheating On Your Oven During the Holidays

So here we are 15 days till Christmas and all these last minute get togethers are popping up left and right and you dont have the time in the day to bake anything let alone be super mom, a hardcore full time student with a part time job, or just an average joe/jane who in between work, social networking, and shopping for the holidays baking something last minute is so not on your to do list! So here are some answers (and i know a few of my friends out there are going to kick my butt for some of these things listed!) to get you noticed with something not only tasty but fun with out spending time in your kitchen but only costing you some cash!

1.Support Your Local Bakery!
A lot of cute bakeries have holiday specials. I know my favorite has something special for every holiday big and small. Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar has a cute Holiday dozen for $45 which offers their most popular flavors and the decorations on top make it the focal point of any get together.

And if $45 is too much you can always get a dozen of their seasonal flavors for $30 or a dozen minis for $20. OR if you want something even different for the holidays $45 also gets you your own custom dozen pretty much whatever you really want, except they need a week in advance. (Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar Facebook )

2. You can always default and go to your local grocery store & grab their pre made goodies for a lower price, but just a heads up dont think you arent the only one with that idea... (why i mention support your local bakeries first!) But you can always get a variety of different stuff and buy a cheap festive tray and mix and match different things to make it more than just one kind of cookie!

3. Everyone loves CANDY:
and making your own can be a real pain! so why not make a stop to a local See's Candy & buy a mix variety for a party. They have pre made options from a variety with nuts, without, just soft chews to just hard candy. ( i would most def recommend checking in if anyone has an allergy to nuts though. Dont want to kill the party by killing a guest). The offer a lot of holiday options and the come in cut boxes this time of the year!

What about some cute Jelly Bellys? That would be something different! They have a lot of colors and flavors to chose from to make a cute festive display and there is so many ways you can show them off at a get together and everyone (well almost everyone) loves them. They weigh by the pound so you can get some bang for your buck, or you can get them pre packaged at almost any grocery store.

4. Today is a GREAT day to cheat on your oven at Starbucks! Their most popular holiday item is the Cranberry Bliss Bar which is part of their 12 days of sharing and today is day 10! Day 10 is half off A Cranberry Bliss Bar Tray! so 6 of those things for half off! Thats a lot of bang for your buck for a super popular item! You save $7

5. And if going and buying something that isnt your thing but you dont have time to bake from scratch then pre made mixes are your thing! And you can always kick it up a notch with a simple add in. For example for the past two years i have used Betty Crocker Devils food cake mix and made as the directions state but then i add in some chopped up Ande's Mints (which i get from Target this time of the year) and mix them in pour in cupcake pans lined with foil wrappers. Once baked cool for a while then cover with choclate frosting and place a andes mint on top!
You can also grab those Pillsbury cookie dough or holiday pre made cookie dough and go from there and add sprinkles or decorate as preferred later on.

6. My Favorite option is asking a dear close friend who looooooves to bake to help you out! you supply the ingredients and then put them to work! Cause im one of those people if i have free time i will bake for you no matter what!

I know the holidays are stressful and many option are out there but its just about taking a break and knowing what you want to do without making it feel like a chore! I LOVE to bake so honestly this really isnt a problem for me but i had a few friends ask me how they can fit things like this into their super busy lifestyle without breaking the bank, or making a disaster in the kitchen! And if all else fails sometimes spending a few extra bucks to get something different and unique may be your answer, but for me Ill be in the kitchen decorating all sorts of things for the holidays!

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