Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cake Pops Finale

After an insane amount of hours in the kitchen baking 6 cakes, crumbling cakes, mixing in frosting, rolling cake balls, chilling cake balls, and decorating them all I am spent! 16 hours in the kitchen and not on complaint from my taste testers so far! ( i have a few to meet up still and give them there goody bags!)
so with that said here are my two other flavors

Snow White cake pops
white cake with vanilla frosting & white vanilla candy melts with Christmas decor!

Chocolate Salted Carmel Pops
Chocolate cake with Carmel baked into the batter, chocolate Carmel frosting. Dark chocolate candy melts with sea salt on top

All my taste testers got the goodie bags and boxes! Super cute!

I think I'm going to put together a cute stand for the boxes later on and have them all standing up for next time.

So my exciting adventure is over for the taste testers. I have 5 display orders coming up for Christmas for them! Christmas wreath displays are slowly coming together in time for the deliveries! cant wait to see everyone faces.

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