Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Ninth Day of Christmas Cupcaketress sent to me...

a photo blog of my last minute Carmel brulee cake pops!

Mixing up a Carmel Devils Cake

I LOVE Renee's blender!


After the cake is baked and cooled you crumble the cake!

Add 2/3 of a container of frosting to the crumbled cake

mix until all combined

roll into balls  chill for two hours or freeze for 15 minutes

Carmel devils food cake balls

cake balls with pop sticks in them held together with melted candy

Carmel Brulee cake pops! festive for the holidays!

The whole process takes about 2 hours depending on how creative you want to get. i made about 30 cake pops because i make them a little larger than they should be, normally you can make 40.

With that said i hope you enjoyed the photo blog since i will be out of reach technically tomorrow due to a work holiday party! Have a good day!

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