Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tomorrow Marks 12 Days Till Christmas!

So as I stated in the title tomorrow marks 12 days till Christmas and I know a lot of us are getting last minute gifts, and baking and wrapping done while trying to pay the bills, go to work, take kids to school and be super mom so im going to try to help ya'll out a bit with some ideas every day until Christmas. I will include my personal baking ideas from now until then (since i will be baking pretty much every day until then), some game ideas for those who are in need of last minute games for the holidays, and some cute stocking stuffers for the bakers on your shopping list.

So until then I hope you all are having a great friday and let the countdown begin!

ALSO: if anyone has any ideas they would love to share or traditions please share via comment or emailing me at

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