Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On The Third Day Of Christmas Cupcaketress Sent To Me...

Hope you all love to learn and expand your creative mind and baking skills like me! here are some of my FAVORITE books that you can get from Amazon:

Cake Pops

Cookie Craft

Cookie Craft Christmas

Cakes to Inspire & Desire

The Cake Decorators Motif Bible

Enchanted Cakes For Children

Fun & Original Character Cakes

Hello Cupcake

Whats New, Cupcake?

All the cake and cupcake books i own and love! They all have a lot of useful information and show you how to do everything and what tools you will need to accomplish anything. Great for gifts for your baking friends, family whoever!

The cookie books are on my wish list after seeing Bakerellas piping practice blog with all the templates she used to create her adorable cookies out of a ice cream cone cookie cutter. awww the many uses of cookie cutters! She also shared a link to another talented person Marian, who also has a blog called Sweetopia. I must have spent an hour looking at her beautiful cookies! I learned a lot from just looking at the photos of her creative cookies! she also made some amazing ones for bakerella!

These are Marians beautifully decorated cookies for Bakerella.

The talented ladies Marian & Bakerella

I think everyone really needs to take some time and check out there stuff because it really truly inspired me to try many new things with baking and the books they share that they use that I am sharing with you all are such helpful inspiring gifts for anyone!

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