Monday, December 13, 2010

On the first day of Christmas Cupcaketress sent to me:

so its the 12 days of christmas...well 12 days till christmas but you get the point, But i wanted to share some stuff you or your baking crazed friend my life to see under the tree, or in their stocking for the holidays.

So today I share my love of Johnny Cupcakes. He is known for his amazing graphic designs on shirts, pins pencils & whatever else he can get them on! Known for the cross bone cupcake logo, and insanely amazing and well designed stores he has every one wanting his stuff. He just came out with some cute earings, shorts & ties. He has everything cute your trendy friend or yourself would ever want.

I'd most def suggest checking out the site checking out his background and give his blog a read. What a straight up down to earth guy. Nothing like ordering from his site and getting the package in a few days and loving that power ranger card i get with every purchase! reminds me of my childhood! Seriously love it!

And for those that arent aware, sorry kiddos he doesnt own a bakery, he just owns a name that works well with his products because of who he is!

Now if only i could see him and his team giving a lecture sometime... that would be what i want under the tree!

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