Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Cupcaketress sent to me...

If you are reading this then you are surviving these last couple days left of insane shoppers at the local markets, malls and wherever else you are buying from. Its such a crazy mess out there. Hopefully many of you are done shopping and just have to worry about putting all your projects together, and finishing touches on your baked goods. For me it was decorating my moms cookies i mentioned earlier these past couple of weeks. So instead of making icing though i used left over frosting from cake pops and food gel colors to make the white vanilla more festive.
so i thawed out my frozen cookies on a cookie sheet, but of course i forgot that i had so many...

I started off with green for the trees. I textured them with a knife and was pulling down the frosting to make it more like a tree. and added colored non perils. I used a star tip and yellow frosting for the star.

the rest can out pretty much ok for last minute. If i had more time i would of been more concerned with their looks, but i was too tired to really worry. The red didn't even come out red. i used all the red and still got a hot pink color on my cookies, so i decided to make a purple too for some fun girly festive cookies.

It was pretty nice to actually wait a week to finish them because i didn't feel as rushed, but apparently i may not be done. i found more cookie dough... so i think i will use my Message in a Cookie Cutters!

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