Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Eighth Day of Christmas Cupcaketress sent to me...

How about some Cupcake Wars news. One of the Napa Valleys amazing and fabulous cupcake & dessert bar is going to be featured on Cupcake Wars January 11th 2011. So, which delicious place made the cut to be featured in this amazing competitive cupcake show? Well it is none other than the one and only Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar.  With that said I know nothing other than that! no clue on the theme and where they placed...and neither do they! :) BUT obviously if they made it on the show you know that are delicious treats that deserved to be given a chance... with 17 + flavors you will find one, or two, or three, or all 17 to love!

Other than that i learned a new fun trick for last minute decorating sugar cookies. so apparently when you are mixing the dough and don't want to get a headache over frosting the cookies, add food coloring to the dough. Want green trees, put green food coloring in the dough! then use an icing pen to decorate strands of lights in less than a minute.

its so simple and easy and kid friendly! you learn a lot from kids! must show photos later, but i have to bake 2 more batches of cake pops since i don't have enough anymore... 200 wasn't enough... i need to make 60 more! such popular snacks... not enough of me to make so many so fast!

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