Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the Tenth Day of Christmas Cupcaketress sent to me...

With only 2 days left to shop before the big day a lot of people are a little stressed out and worried about gifts to wrap, uncle so and so who is flying out on Christmas eve in the morning but you need to get a gift asap because you forgot until the last second.
My favorite stressful moment is those of fellow bakers and relatives who like chocolate and baked goods. You know those who have everything spread out around the kitchen counters, stove, dining room tables waiting for the icing on those sugar cookies to dry and to put in gift boxes later. Or they have the See's assorted candy wrapped under the tree waiting for them to find on Christmas day... Well almost every year its always the same. One of my family members or pretty much all of them have their baked good taken over by ants. Those pesky little suckers always seem to find the family members who forget about air tight containers and zip lock bags and even the wrapped chocolate gifts under the tree. Always a great way to wake up, come home from work to. Nothing like starting all over after days and hours of making everything perfect...

WELL here are some nifty time saving containers for everyone to protect yourself from those  pesky little creatures & to protect your delicious gifts without the stress of having to run out and get more ingredients in the insanity of the stores these last couple of shopping days.

Thanks to Sweetopias blog i learned about Snapware. Their Snap N' Stack cupcake holder is two layers and is perfect for cupcakes, cookies and many other things for $27.99 it sure is a life save from ants and great for traveling.

Wilton has their Ultimate 3-In-1 Cake Caddy.  for $19.99 It comes with a reversible tray to hold cupcakes or muffins (12 regular sized or 24 minis) or you can take the tray out and it can hold a cake or cookies.

William-Sonoma carries the Cupcake Courier which can hold up to 3 dozen cupcakes and has removable trays which is perfect for cake pops. Of course its a little more than the other two. It cost $39.95, but of course offers more space than the other two, but its all up to what you are using it for.

Tupperware offers a winter stacking canister set for $25.00 but to get the larger canister you have to pay another $15.50. So for $40.50 you get the whole set. Its cute and festive and you can never go wrong with their products.

And if all else fails Ziplock baggies and constant cleaning will help if you ever find yourself fighting those pesky little creatures i am scared to death of. Or if you have a bigger problem like a 6'4" boyfriend who loves cake pops that you are saving for the holidays and wont stay out of them, threaten to return all the presents you bought for him! Well hope everyone has a safe and stressfree next couple days. Look forward to decorating cookies tomorrow.

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